Model search..... Tough smh

So I decided to go back to photographing models. Primarily in the portrait style. Alot of people don't know I grew up reading  esquire and GQ magazine. It always caught my eye seeing these famous people posing in these well lit positions that just popped. Having acquired what I need for an outside shoot,  as well as inside I thought everything was dandy. I guess I was wrong thinking it was going to be easy..... Problem is finding a model is a challenge when you have no connection or incentive. I got a few friends requesting but it's more of a "I'll get back to you" kinda vibe. What's worst is when you have good looking friend who constantly posting videos and selfies, and tells you no, because they don't like to be in front of a camera. What a world!? Finding  a model is not a walk in the park. Unless you got cash or a killer profolio... Smh. - Andie

Lens lens.. And more lenses... (not)

Today ended up being one of those days where half of my mind wanted to get a new lens, but do I really need it?  I have photographed  many landscapes in my adventures,  but I think I'm closing the door on needing more lenses. Currently I'm running a crop sensor system due to the mirrorless form factor.  Granted I plan to switch to full frame soon, but time will only tell.